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Sentiment analysis using big data

If the CEO of your company tasks you with creating a way to mine Big Data to do sentiment analysis so you may help identify the reason for flagging last quarter sales then read on!  There appear to be many choices for doing analytics on big data depending upon what you have already invested in to date:

  • If you are an Oracle shop your friendly Oracle rep might recommend using Oracle big iron to create a complete system that involves Hadoop, RDBMS and business intelligence (BI) in the form of their Big Data appliance (essentially big iron running Cloudera Hadoop), Big data connectors to Exadata (database system designed for mixed workloads) and Oracle Exalytics for the Business Intelligence.
  • If you are an SAP CRM customer using SAP BusinessObjects and HANA, the recommendation you receive might be to use SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) along with technology from SAP partner NetBase.
  • If you happen to be an HP shop then the recommendation you receive might involve running the Autonomy (now HP) IDOL software engine on each node in your Hadoop cluster and doing concept searching using IDOL.
  • If you are a Teradata shop the recommendation you receive might involve a solution involving Hadoop integrated with a relational database, in other words a combination of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform and Teradata Integrated Data warehouse along with Hortonworks Hadoop.

However if you draw the line at paying the big vendors for analytics and want to roll-your-own (assuming you have Hadoop expertise in-house) there are companies like AltoScale who advocate building your own system as described here.  The example AltoScale provides involves Twitter sentiment analysis using Hadoop.

While Twitter sentiment analysis is useful for pollsters during election time, if you happen to be the CIO of Proctor and Gamble and are keen to know what your customer base is saying about your latest flavor of Tide detergent, depending on Twitter feeds might not give you all the insights you need.   After all the 20- something person who Tweets every non-event to the stratosphere is not likely to be a fan of doing his/her own laundry!   What makes me so opinionated?  Well I rely on the insights gained from comic strips and am a big fan of Zits so take all my advice with a grain of salt.

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