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My name is Kai and this is my story..


I was born Feb 29, 2016 in a leap year which happens once in 4 years! A runt in a litter sired by my father a Great Dane and my mother a mix of Border Collie and Great Pyrenees.  I vaguely recall my siblings being all white-and-black  pups like me.  It was warm and cozy being together but like anything in life it didn’t last long…  My human owners couldn’t deal with us so we were soon to be adopted by others.

I can never understand this human fascination with “owning” an animal you call a “pet”.  It reminds me of two fleas arguing over who owns the dog!  You are no more owners of animals as you are of this beautiful planet all of us call home.  Granted 7 billion of you humans have infested this planet and destroyed pretty much all other life forms in your obsession to “own” every square meter of land but I have no interest in your follies..  This is primarily my story.

I was put up for adoption by a volunteer rescue group Pawsitive Connections in front of a PetSmart store.  A kindly teenage girl who became my human sister, came to help out with the vague intention of accumulating volunteer points for school and she ended up sitting with me in my cage.. At the end of the day as no one had adopted me she carried me home and I recall her mother and she discussing in hushed tones on the ride home how to break the news to her dad – a cynical middle aged man whose motto was “one dog in our home is enough – we can’t afford another!”  The official story was that I was a “foster” but we all knew I had no intention of leaving! My human sister christened me Kai – don’t ask me what it means, I wouldn’t know! All I know is that responding to the word Kai equated to belly rubs and treats!

For the first few days in my new home, I missed my siblings and their warm bodies.. but then I bonded with the 8 year old black Labrador  mix Angel who resided at the home.  Angel become my friend, protector and “mother-figure” all rolled into one.  I ate from her food bowl, chewed her toys, slept on her bed and she would move away with a resigned air and nary a complaint.  My grumpy human father ended up walking me every morning muttering about getting late to work  or about having to walk two dogs every morning..  Little did he realize then how much he had to be thankful for, a reason to exercise his heart, a warm home to come home to, a human family, Angel and yours truly!

During my walks, I basked in the joy of every falling leaf, every scampering squirrel.  I found the rising sun fascinating and the moon and stars wonderful.  I never met a dog I didn’t like (or try to hump) nor a human I disliked.  I jumped on every passersby much to my grumpy human father’s annoyance..  I ran wild in empty spaces and tennis courts in the mornings, I loved the freedom of playing in the grass.   Angel was often too tired to run or play with me.  I made friends with a boxer Levi who like me enjoyed playing rough.  Angel would periodically look up from munching on grass (what’s up with that??) and snap at the boxer to indicate her displeasure when he was too rough with me.. In her heart I was Angel’s baby and she never let anyone forget it..  Covered in doggie drool I walked home contentedly..

Seven months flew by and one Sunday morning in November,  I ran away from my human father chasing a squirrel all over the park..  An oncoming speeding car hit me and I was thrown on the side of the road.. an hour passed in a painful blur, the girl whose car hit me apologized then left hurriedly in tears.  A kindly human gave my human father a ride to the vet where my father couldn’t get me attended to immediately as he didn’t have his wallet!  Half an hour later my human mother showed up with a credit card by which time I could feel myself beginning to leave my earthly body.  15 min with the vet trying CPR on me and I was gone.. My human family wrapped me in their arms with nary a blanket (the vet’s office didn’t have any spares to loan) and drove home in tears..

My human family grieved over me, argued with the vet online about the delay in attending to me but as you humans say “it is all water under the bridge”.  I left this world in body but lingered in spirit.  A few days later my human family received a handwritten holiday card from their online dog food supplier Chewy from whom they bought  vegetarian kibble (I couldn’t eat another animal, can you?) and wrote back to them as in acknowledgement mentioning my passing.  Tiffany at Chewy sent over a beautiful bouquet of roses and Peruvian lilies in my memory.  Today the flowers gave my teenage human sister solace as she arranged them in a vase a tear running down her cheek.  I miss her too and wish I could tell her I’m at peace now!

Peruvian lilies and roses.jpg

I enjoyed the short 7 months of my life.  I was a free spirit, I ate what I liked, I ran where I liked, played with whichever dog I liked and lived life on my own terms.  To quote the legendary Frank Sinatra: “I’ve lived a life that’s full, I’ve traveled each and every highway, But more, much more than this, I did it my way” To my grumpy human father and his family all I can say is – Lighten up a little and start living life!  It was fun living with you, but we all have to go some day, some sooner than others.  Would you rather that I  survived the accident but could never run again?   What type of a life would that be for me?  If you are second guessing that fateful day remember Omar Khayyam’s words – The moving finger writes; and having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

To other humans who read this my advise to you is:

Don’t waste your lives chasing something beyond the rainbow waiting to be happy till you find it, stop brutalizing weaker animals for food or “sport”, live life as I did with joy each day, find wonder in everything, enjoy this tiny blue planet you share with so many billions of creatures, be compassionate to all.  We will all become dust one day.. when that happens wouldn’t you prefer that your lives had some meaning and someone somewhere will think fondly of you and recall that you left this earth a tiny bit better than you found it?  And while you are about it, why not adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group?  You won’t find a better friend or a more joyful companion!

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