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Rationale behind this blog..

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

[Disclaimer: This is my personal blog.  The views expressed here are mine alone and in no way reflect those of my employers].

A technology product vendor who claims to market “solutions” or claims to want to be your “trusted advisor” is like a pest control company employee who does a free termite inspection on your home only to declare that you need to buy a yearly contract to get rid of termites ASAP.  You want to believe the technology vendor because he claims to be a professional but a nagging voice within your head asks you “why would this person give me unbiased advice if at the end of it he expects to receive a purchase order against my budget?”

A technology vendor harping on the virtues of a point product is akin to a car sales expounding on the virtues of DOHC versus SOHC in the engine when all you the customer wanted was a “red car that goes from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds!”.  I’ve often wondered where the empathy has gone, why not put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and explain how you can solve a problem rather than try to make your quota selling your point product?

This blog is intended to introduce topics like Big Data, networked storage, cloud computing, cyber security and other topics to CIOs with the focus on answering the “so what?”, “why should I care?” and “what should I do next?”.

I hope this blog will prove instructive and entertaining at the same time.